Looking For A Cheap Commercial Photographer in 2024 ?

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Looking for a cheap propfessional photographer ? As its well known in most areas cheap is not always the most economic solution. So what do you need to ask when sourcing a commercial professional photographer ? First question before anything else is are they insured  and ask for proof of insurance we wont take offence. Also how long are they in business and is it their sole source of income ? An experienced photographer will have proof of recent work and reviews of their work and don’t be afraid to talk to their clients. Have a face to face meeting on location before the shoot if possible to discuss any preparation needed cleaning painting etc. They will have the knowledge & experience to work in all kinds of environment’s whether it’s working on a factory floor or in the boardroom of a multinational company. Most photographer’s will also have a wide range on contacts from food stylists, make up artists etc right through to tradesman’s. They will have  lighting, backgrounds, back up cameras and access to rental studios should they be required. They will have a website with plenty of sample’s of their work over a range of subjects all well as plenty of positive references. They would be a member of a professional organisation like The Irish Professional Photographers & Videographers Association

.  Most photographers will charge an hourly rate and then a per image charge also there would be extra charges for retouching image’s and cutting out shots for dropping onto different background’s.

So when you want a commercial professional photographer call Mark Reddy of Trinity Digital Studios as  his rates are sure to be very competitive . Working all over Ireland with a mobile studio Mark can put together a quote to suit all budgets. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can’t afford a commercial professional photographer and give Mark a call to discuss your next project it could be the cheapest call you ever make !026-5704 Jackford Gin

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