Tip’s for choosing a Professional Photographer in Ireland 2024

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Tips for choosing a Commercial Photographer in Ireland  2024


Commercial photography covers a wide range of subjects and applies to businesses that need to promote a product or service.

This means advertising or promoting a product, person or service typically seen in the retail or wholesale sector, so photographs you see in magazines, online websites, print catalogues, and restaurant menu’s all fall under the category of commercial photography.

With online use becoming such a vital part of our everyday life it is a place where commercial photography excels and is easily visible via most consumer websites. Images need to be able to grab the consumer into making the purchase. Visual information is much easier for the human brain to absorb compared to written and even verbal formats. We have all heard the saying ‘A picture says a thousand words’ and it couldn’t be more accurate.

A experienced commercial photographer will be more than happy to meet up before the shoot and discuss all the options available and advise on the the most cost efficient way to get the job done right first time. They will have the knowledge & experience to work in all kinds of environment’s whether it’s working on a factory floor or in the boardroom of a multinational company. Most photographer’s will also have a wide range on contacts from food stylists, make up artists etc right through to tradesman’s. They will have  lighting, backgrounds, back up cameras and access to rental studios should they be required. They will have a website with plenty of sample’s of their work over a range of subjects all well as plenty of positive references. They would be a member of a professional organisation like The Irish Professional Photographers & Videographers Association

. Most importantly they will be fully insured so don’t be afraid to ask for proof of insurance we won’t take offence.

Photographers generally work on an hourly, half day and full day rates. Ask if this includes finished chosen images and is a there a download fee to access them. Photos that need photo shopping / retouching will incur extra charge’s depending on the complexity of the work. Some photographer’s fees will depend on usage of the images for example if the image is to be used on billboards in a large advertising campaign. So it’s very important to discuss all this beforehand.

Mark is an award winning professional photographer with over thirty years experience. He is available to discuss and advise for your next upcoming photo shoot in studio or on location Nationwide. So if you are a Marketing Manager, Head of Sales, Head of Recruitment or HR,Production Manager,Distribution Manager or a start up business with a staff of one if you want to boost your profile and sales Contact Mark Reddy at TRINITY DIGITAL STUDIOS to arrange a meeting and free no obligation quote .

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Mark Reddy Food Photography Trinity Digital Studios

Mark Reddy Food Photography Trinity Digital Studios

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